I am available for both garden and horticultural consultancy, both in individuals gardens and professionally on nurseries and in larger gardens that might be open to the public.

Consultancy can include a myriad of things such as planting ideas, plans and help, pest and disease management, garden planning and the beginning of designs, transitioning from conventional growing or gardening to organics to name but a few. With a lifetime in the horticultural trade I can help you create and keep productivity and beauty happening alongside each other.

All consultations include a site visit of from one to several hours depending on the site, and a full report on everything discussed.

I can also come along and work alongside you in your garden, giving on the spot tutoring and advice during the day and then offering a work plan for the next weeks and months! This day can be a one off, or monthly or seasonal and tailored to your garden and more importantly, to your needs for that space.

For further information on consultation and a quote, please feel free to contact me.