Hello, I’m Sara. I’m a Professional Horticultur(al)ist, plantswoman, gardener, garden writer, food activist and self confessed plant nut! In January 2014 I founded Incredible Edible Bristol, which I continue to run mainly voluntarily, although I do get paid if I am the right person to run workshops and educational sessions. It’s important to be transparent about these things!! Incredible Edible Bristol probably takes 70% of my time, often seeing me work an 80 hour week. Some people think I am crazy but it is the singularly most empowering thing I have ever been a part of and I will continue to do whatever is necessary to see that it continues to teach growing skills, enable people to be outside even in the urban environment and grow food that is accessible to all for free.

I moved to Bristol 3 years ago having spent a lifetime growing for large urban regeneration projects, historic landscapes and gardens, RHS Flower Show gardens, garden designers and landscape architects as well as individual gardens and gardeners. I hold a Master Of Horticulture from the RHS and have a Garden History masters degree, both of which taught me that the more I learn, the more I feel I know nothing of the huge subject that is horticulture. I moved across into community gardening because it saddens me that people are losing vital growing skills and because therapeutically I believe gardening is good for the soul. I also am sad to see horticulture rarely seen as a career choice, which is why I am often seen talking in schools and colleges about how we need young people to come into the business as well as the realities of what horticulture is, when many just see it as mowing lawns.

I am also a fierce supporter of the British flower growing industry and am often seen on Twitter shouting about the brilliant #BritishFlowers growers and their #grownnotflown flowers. Supporting local producers and growers is so important if we are to look after local, circular economies.

I also foundedĀ #ShoutyHalfHour on Twitter, a mainly tongue in cheek comment on the programme Gardeners World. The important word in that sentence is mainly…..

I also have a dog called Des, a daughter called Emily and a husband called Andy who support me on this crazy rollercoaster!!